Who can work as a Locum Doctor.

  • All doctors registered with GMC for UK Locums ( http://www.gmc-uk.org )
  • All doctors registered with IMC for Irish Locums (https://www.medicalcouncil.ie )
  • Any registered doctor who qualifies as a Legal Resident in the country.
  • Any Fully qualified doctors with an acceptable degree to the medical councils.

With our continuous hard work, we have earned the respect of locum doctors and employers alike.

Medical Indemnity insurance

All private sector health services such as private GP and private hospital requires any locum doctor working for them to be fully indemnified.

All Locum doctors working as an independent contractor rather than on the hospital payroll need to ensure that they are fully covered for all situations.

Most of public facilities already provide a level of medical indemnity cover for any doctors that are paid via their payroll system. However, it is highly recommended that you speak to your indemnity insurance provider to ensure that you will be covered regardless of the situation.

For Ireland please follow the link for guidance


For Uk please follow the following link for guidance