Frequently Asked questions

All of Locumcheck services are provided FREE of charge to doctors. There is no cost to doctors for finding a job and processing the necessary paperwork to commence locum employment in UK Or Ireland

Generally, after receipt of the completed application form and receipt of all necessary documents you are registered immediately

A few reasons doctors choose to locum are:

  • Freedom – you can work when and where you like with minimal commitment
  • Money – in some cases it is possible to earn 5 times the salary
  • Flexibility – many doctors choose to do locum work whilst travelling, on maternity leave, during research years, during annual leave, or whilst taking a break from full time work
  • Travel – locum work is one of the best ways to explore different areas before setting in one permanently.
  • Testing' a job before settling down – over 30% of newly qualified specialists or GPs do some locum work prior to settling down in a permanent position. This allows them to try a location or hospital before committing to permanent work there
  • Experience – locum work can offer you the opportunity to experience exciting new places and even areas of medicine that you may not have had exposure to in your normal everyday role.

If you are registered with the medical council (FOR UK GMC and FOR IRELAND IMC) and have valid visa/permit to work and you do not have any offences which prevent you to work in public sector you are good to go.

Please browse through our website for detailed information and go to useful links to look for requirements for registration

Please check your eligibility (for International Medical Graduates)

To work as a locum doctor, you will need to have appropriate registration with either GMC for UK Locums or IMC for Irish Locums

If you are unsure or have queries regarding your eligibility, Locumcheck would be happy to assist.

Generally different countries have different rules and regulation regarding the eligibility to work

As a rule of thumb If you are a citizen, you can work.

If there is no restriction to work on your resident visa you can work too.

Please send us a scan of your visa page form your passport and we might be able to help.

It is a mandatory requirement to have all your work covered by Medical Indemnity insurance. There are many Insurance providers, if you need assistance in this please email us. We do not recommend any insurance provider specifically. Please go to the guidance provided by the GMC or IMC

In order to register, Locum Check will require an updated copy of your CV. There are other documents that you will need to either complete or provide prior to commencing locum work. For further information see below. 

  • Updated CV
  • Medical Degree and Postgraduate Qualifications
  • Passport and/or Work Visa
  • Immunisation Records/Occupational health records
  • Referee Details
  • Mandatory training certificates/ disclosures
  • Bank Account Details and PPS Or NI Number (if taking Payroll Option)
  • Medical Registration
  • Medical indemnity/Insurance details
  • DBS (Previously CRB) for UK and Garda Clearance for Ireland.
  • Two recent references from your previous job.

Regular emails with available locum jobs are sent, for you to select and so that you can see what work is out there straight away. 

If availability dates are provided to LocumCheck we circulate your CV for those dates so that any suitable locum Job available can be filled by our registered doctors.

We take pride in being able to source work specifically to meet your personal needs.

  • Negotiating dates and shift times
  • Negotiating rates and extras
  • Collating paperwork
  • Completing forms
  • Ensuring prompt payment

Given the above, it is highly recommended that you register with a locum agency to ensure that the process of organising and undertaking a locum role is a stress-free one.

We cannot guarantee if Travel and accommodation would be provided, we certainly can request these on your behalf but generally the provision of this is In line with the decided pay rates, this is generally dependent on the position itself.

Locum work is available across all specialties and grades, although you will find that some do come up more commonly than others.

We find that some doctors do on occasion decide to take up a locum in a different specialty at a slightly lower seniority level.

For the Junior Doctor, there are a wide range of specialty choices available at SHO, Registrar, SPR, and GP level.

We would like to advise all locum doctors to ensure that they will be available on time for a locum assignment before they make a commitment as you understand that it’s the patients care which is ultimately at risk and jeopardised.

If there is a genuine reason such as bereavements, illnesses accidents, where you are not able to fulfil a locum commitment both the agency and Client understand such situations, please inform us promptly by emailing us and the client. A short text message on the provided number would greatly help us to start looking for an alternative.

However simply changing your mind, finding a locum at a higher rate at the last minute are not professional excuses and now medical council have stricter rules relating to the circumstances arising as a result of no show,

If a client chooses to make a complaint we at LocumCheck cannot stop this and in such circumstances we are obliged to assist the Medical council in the enquiry.

  • Against a doctor

    If you have complaints against a doctor please email us all the details and reasons for us to further investigate it

  • Against a Client hospital or GP

    If you have any complaints form a hospital or GP client, provide us with the details for further investigation

  • Against Locumcheck

    We are sorry that you are not happy with our service

    If you have a complaint against any of us please let us know by emailing or calling us and we will try our best to sort it out for you. If you are still not happy then we will escalate the complaint into a higher-level enquiry and you will be notified of its outcome.

    We aim to investigate all complaints in 6 weeks.

Supervision can vary based on the location of the locum and the set-up of the specific department. As a general rule, the larger facilities such as hospitals will have more on-site supervision available for Junior Locum Posts.

Regional and GP locums often have limited on-site supervision available (dependent on the seniority of the locum shift).

GP locums are a little different since you may be required to do Call out to patients.

At times, you may be asked to cover specialist clinics

You might be booked by one GP surgery but occasionally they may ask you to cover their partner GP

Time slots for each patient are fixed

A basic knowledge of a computer system and specific software’s for a GP is required, it’s always a good idea to enquire what system a GP uses to make yourself aware of it before you start your locum.

For most GP locums, there is a break of half an hour to 1 hour, please familiarise yourself with the time since this is not paid.

For UK You need to have a current DBS, we can apply on your behalf. We also accept Valid DBS from any agency provided it is current.

Garda Clearance, For Ireland, you need to have a current Garda clearance. We apply on your behalf, if you need one please contact us.

Garda Clearance and DBS has to be applied by agencies at a cost, locum doctors cannot apply individually for these.( Fees is applicable to obtain these clearances, and these are not our charges but rather charges by the issuing authority)

We need two up-to-date refences at all times these should not be more than one year old, please email us your two most recent references, in case you don’t have one please provide us with the referee details and we will request one on your behalf.

To assure patients, the public and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up to date and are practicing to the appropriate professional standards. All doctors who hold a license to practice should take part in Revalidation. For revalidation, every doctor is linked to a responsible officer (RO).

If you are employed permanently in an NHS trust, you will be assigned a RO by them.

For Locum doctors, registered with several locum agencies, the RO is for the agency you have worked for most in the previous calendar.

All locum doctors must PAY for the responsible officer and submission services.

VAT is applicable to all locum work, in all NHS trust’s hospitals across the UK and HSE hospital’s in Ireland.

The Majority of services provided by GP doctor’s practices do not qualify for VAT; Please refer to following links or call our accounts for details